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As an inventor, and a kid of 60, I have had the good fortune to have good friends willing to allow their kids (and sometimes themselves) to play with “VersaNotch” and experience its unique building experience.  Not a tough crowd to please!

One of the great things about friends is that they often have great ideas on what you can do with your product.  An idea posed by our friend, Miss Irene, is that VersaNotch would be a great activity for men in senior communities.  As a result of this recommendation Legacy Woodworks, LLC began providing a paid for activity to numerous senior centers in the St. Louis, MO area.

Thanks for having the interest and desire to learn about us. Please come back to see what we’re up to at Legacy and the direction we will be taking with VersaNotch.

In the process of doing these activities we have learned that senior communities are in need of activities that encourage problem solving, social relationships, and basic motor skills. Men and women in these congregate situations need meaningful activities with these characteristics.  Being FUN is an even greater bonus.

My name is Mark Donohoe and I am a retired military veteran, woodworker, and owner of Legacy Woodworks, LLC.  Legacy’s product, “VersaNotch”, literally came from my scrap pile and evolved over many years.  It was not until July of 2016 did we find a name for our patented, wood building set.  Up until that point, it was “the wood building set.”  Not glamorous, but at least we knew what we were talking about!

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Hello and thanks for looking into Legacy Woodworks. LLC and my product “VersaNotch”! 

​​​Unique​     Versatile     Multi-Generational     Genuine Hardwood     ​Heirloom Toy

One of the true joys associated with inventing a toy is that you get to play with somebody.  This desire comes from the excitement of inventing something, which makes you want to talk to any and everyone about your invention.  This in part is also a practical necessity as it leads to finding out what your invention is good for. 

Disclaimer: Not recommended as a seat.

Legacy is hopeful that other beneficial uses may be found for VersaNotch.  As a toy, it provides kids an alternative to electronic and video devices and develops motor skills and problem solving.  It is also a great inter-generational opportunity for parents and grandparents to bond with their children and grand children creating a meaningful activity for both generations.


New Bridge Sets 

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