Several months ago, Mark Donohoe asked me if my 8-year old son, Tyson, would be willing to try out a new cabin building toy that he had built. Mark brought the cabin building blocks by my office one day while Tyson was there. They set up shop in my conference room and began building while I got back to work. I didn’t hear a peep out of my conference room for several hours. Finally, I had to interrupt the cabin building to tell Tyson that we needed to leave. He was clearly disappointed. Although Tyson is not usually so outspoken about items like this, when we got to my vehicle, Tyson looked at me and pointedly said the he “needed” one of those building sets.

I didn’t contact Mark right away about getting one of the building sets because I wanted to see if Tyson would remember it. I hate spending money on toys that end up sitting in a corner. But the building set stuck in Tyson’s mind and he kept asking about it for the next few months. So, I contacted Mark and got one for him.

When I brought the building set home, Tyson and his 7-year old sister quickly got to building. Their 11-year old brother was trying to act like he was too cool to play with them, but after about 2 minutes, he was building along with them. Tyson has cleared out the floor of his closet and uses it as his cabin-building headquarters so that he doesn’t have to worry about his buildings getting knocked over or having pieces taken by our dogs. I love to see my kids running and playing outside. But on those days when the weather doesn’t cooperate, they now have something fun to do that I like much more than video games or television. It warms my heart to see them use their imaginations to come up with creative ideas for a new building design, and then use logic to turn those ideas into reality through the cabin building set.

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